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    Family member is any individual living in the house that is related to the child's parent/guardian by blood, marriage, or adoption who are financially supported by the income of the parent or guardian of the child enrolling or participating in the program.
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    If you do not enter your household income, you will not be considered for preschool tuition assistance.
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    Income means total cash receipts before taxes from all sources, with the exception of student loans for tuition and books.
    If a parent is an active member of the U.S. Armed Forces allowances for living, moving, family, death, and in-kind benefits are exempt. Disability, group-term life insurances, uniform allowances, and survivor and retirement protection plan premiums are also exempt.
    Income Documentation
    The best documentation of income is a copy of the most recent tax return. If this is not available, 4 weeks of pay stubs, or W-2 form may be used until tax return is received. If you do not include documents you will be sent an email where you can upload them later, if you enter your email address. This is limited to 15MB.
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